WhatsApp Integration

Integrate your business WhatsApp account with BuildBrick91 and increase your engagement with leads and clients.

Use WhatsApp for campaigning

Send bulk WhatsApp messages to bulk data. Capture responses, send replies, add manual comments, assign data, view conversations - all inside BuildBrick91.

Send transactional messages

Provide the ease of access for your clients. Whenever a transaction happens on your website, set a trigger to auto-send transactional message or invoice to your client's WhatsApp from your integrated WhatsApp number.

Send Notifications

Schedule notifications for your team, vendors, or partners over WhatsApp, reminding them about important tasks.

IVR Integration

Increase the power of IVR - integrate your IVR in minutes and increase productivity

See who's calling

View the caller's detail on your dashboard even if your IVR shows you the virtual number. Assign calls, Record calls, forwards call to other agents and maintain call logs with complete details.

Increase performance

View call logs, call recordings, who attended the call, everything inside BuildBrick91. Help your team perform a better tele-support. Analyse daily reports and tasks.

Indiamart Enquiries

Integrate Indiamart or other listing websites with BuildBrick91 and capture direct enquiries. Centralize incoming enquiries for your team to see and attend. Directly convert enquiries to leads. Automate the particular enquiries to convert to lead and auto-assign to a particular agent.

SMS Integration

Integrate the SMS portal of your choice with BuildBrick91. Send bulk campaigns and transactional messages to your leads and clients. Run SMS campaigns, create links, and track performance.