Task Management

Break up a big project into easily manageable parts. Allocate work to your team, and specify start and end dates. Automate task workflows by setting up Blueprints. Progress can be reviewed from a variety of locations throughout the app, including the dashboard.


The basic unit of work in a project. A name is all they need, but you can also add a description, owner, priority, start and end dates, duration and more.


A way to organize your project based on its most significant phases. You can assign a milestone owner and give it start and end dates.


A relationship between tasks that specifies the order in which they are done. This can either be Finish to Start, Start to Start, Start to Finish or Finish to Finish.

Project Management

Managing work isn't just about numbers and reports. Milestones, tasks, and events all come with social elements now, allowing you to comment on them and see updates in your feed.


Product-wide updates appear as posts in the feed. Add comments to existing topics, or make a fresh status post.


Set up a knowledge base to store all the information needed to run your project. Any newcomers can head here to get up to speed.

dropped leads

Create public rooms for discussion, private rooms with smaller groups, or chat one-on-one. All chats are archived for reference.

Get more results

Engage your audience in different ways.

Connect with new people

Connect with new contacts. Easily add new data, introduce yourself and send them your best wishes.

Sell more

Show them what you sell and capture their responses. See who's interested and follow-up to nurture them afterwards

Send notifications

Create groups of teams, partners, vendors, or clients and send them important notifications while you work

Perform marketing analysis

Create, test, repeat

Stay connected with your audience. Target people based on different demographics and analyze their needs and interests, see what type of campaigns are attracting your audience, and what services and products are hitting them more. Find similar people and retarget people who were your leads once.
Create a similar audience, test different campaigns and generate prospects. Repeat again.

Business Automation

A powerful lead management system

Being a company you can take complete advantage of sales software only when it works and modifies on your own terms. Bytepaper adapts your business and sales model, and makes each day work quicker and significantly much easier. It works the way your organization works.

Less efforts, more results

Capture incoming lead enquiries
Auto-assign leads to your sales agents

Hassle-free lead management

No 1 Feature

Implement automation for a faster sales process

Automate sales processes in simple steps according to how your company works. Let Bytepaper do your major tasks.

Automate actions whenever a lead comes

1. Integrate the websites like Indiamart with Bytepaper and all get enquiries synced.

2. Set tags on the basis of how you want the leads to get distribted among sales agents.

3. Sales agents gets notified on assigned leads thorugh emails to start follow-ups.

More features

Everything you need to manage sales

Automate processes according to your how your company works. Let Bytepaper do your major tasks.

Schedule meetings

Schedule meetings and get notified on your WhatsApp prior to meetings. Assign meetings and Send notifications to your sales team from Bytepaper.

dropped leads
Dropped leads

Bytepaper creates a default folder to collects dropped leads at one place. Analyze their dropped reasons and conversations. Plan and execute remarketing.

Track performance

Track team performance. View and track all activities, give them sales targets for a time-period and track achievements. Analyze sales reports and help them achieve more.

View timeline

View the entire conversation inside the activity timeline. Integrate the tools you use and view all follow-ups, comments, meetings, access call logs and recordings, and assigned agents.

Get reports

Get reports on leads, types and interests, active lead sources, dropped leads, agents performance, team performance, and also, get custom reports.

Email reports
Get reports emailed

Get automatially daily sales report generated and sent to your email at the end of the day. View report on daily work done in your company